"Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea."- Sylvia Earle

How your favourite businesses are making a difference with EcoChit.

Seaforestation is the act of planting and restoring underwater kelp forests which are essential to countering the effects of global warming.

Every time a business chooses EcoChit x Seaforestation receipts, they are helping to regenerate critical ecosystems, reduce ocean acidifcation, create habitat for countless marine species and spread knowledge about climate solutions. EcoChit is much more than your average receipt!

Kelp grows 30x faster than trees and is able to absorb and store CO2 for centuries.

Seaweed plays a vital role in marine ecosystems – creating important habitat and nursery grounds for ocean animals, mitigating wave energy from storms, acting as a buffer from ocean acidification, and much more.

Kelp forests help to reduce ocean acidification.

The ocean absorbs 25% of the carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere which leads to ocean acidification. Ocean acidification directly impacts shellfish, by dissolving shells and interfering with new shell growth. This affects the marine food web from the bottom to the top. If you rely on seafood as a food source, ocean acidification directly impacts you as well.

EcoChit Receipts are 100% Phenol-Free, Recyclable and Sustainably Sourced.

Did you know most regular receipts contain toxic chemicals BPA and BPS, and that they are NOT recyclable? EcoChit receipts are better for YOU as well as the environment. Learn more about receipt sustainability.

Thanks for helping spread the word about EcoChit and Seaforestation.

Every time a customer like you sees one of our eco-friendly receipts, awareness about climate solutions grows. Want to spread the word even further? Take action!